Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Why John Hurt Is Isn't The 9th Doctor

So, SPOILER ALERT, John Hurt will be appearing in Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary after the ending of The Name of The Doctor aired last week. He will he be playing "The Doctor" apparently and the main question everyone is asking is; which Doctor? Is it a past or future one. The main theory running around is that he's a Doctor between Paul McGann's Eighth and Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctors. The problem a lot of people have with this is that it supposedly bumps Eccleston to Ten and, Tennant to Eleven and Smith to Twelve. Well, I'll tell you why that's not the case and why John Hurt is not even playing The Doctor in the first place.

Now obviously this is just speculation on my part but I think it's pretty sound and I'm actually a little surprised that people haven't spotted this yet because it's right there in plain sight in the dialogue of Hurt's introductory scene from The Name of The Doctor. He is the same man as The Doctor, the man whose name we don't know and probably never will, specifically because to The Doctor that's not his name, his name is the one he chose, as "A Promise" that he made to himself. He is The Doctor. But John Hurt's character is the one who broke that Promise. "I said he was me, I never said he was The Doctor". John Hurt's character may have been introduced as "The Doctor" but that was just to add suspense, intrigue and above all else, simplicity. When you break the promise you have set for yourself, like say for example committing the mass genocide of your own people and another equally as advanced but deadly race, destroying your home planet and locking the Time War so that it can never be reversed or prevented, a move that while breaking the promise of the man who helps people, was necessary  and done in the name of "peace and sanity" but "not in the name of The Doctor".

As you can see, this might be the same man from Gallifrey who flies around in a TARDIS with the camouflage being a Blue Police Box, he is the same being who has done all the amazing things we've seen, all the amazing things we haven't, and all the amazing things he's yet to do... but he is not The Doctor. He broke the promise and as such foresaked the name. Every time they have shown images of the previous Doctors, or shown images of them he is not there. He is not there because he is not The Doctor, the Eleven Doctors until now do not count him as such and likely, he does not count himself as one of The Doctors. He regenerated into The Doctor and from The Doctor but he was not The Doctor. As such when you say who The Doctor is, he is not counted among them. What he did, likely the events that ended the Time War and probably more things during the war to fight the Daleks, are not the actions of the man who would be The Doctor, they're the actions of a man who would break the promise to help people and would instead become a warrior, a soldier, even a villain. 

He is the part of same being we call The Doctor who would hate himself forever, always be the guilt that he carried from Eccleston's Ninth onwards, that might manifest itself as The Valeyard, The Dream Lord and other darker entities that will irrevocably change The Doctor forever. In fact, the show since it's 2005 relauch has had a darker and more sinister tone since the end of the Time War, since the events that Hurt's character likely created. The sinister actions that now weigh heavy on The Doctor, a man who twice chose not to annihilate entire races. "A Coward Every Time" he called himself in The Parting of Ways, because The Doctor would never commit an act. This is why John Hurt's character, is not The Doctor, he may be the same entity, but he is not a man who takes the name, he broke the promise.