Sunday, 17 November 2013

Martell TV: A New Home For Online Video?

This Martell TV thing looks pretty interesting. Creating your own station, like TV networks have done for years sounds cool. It also seems a lot more social media friendly in general. The ability to have that "scheduled release" and run times thing looks nice. Also the ability to schedule ads as part of your own show and change it up however you want sounds pretty good. We've seen how certain YouTube creators have had placed ads for things like Netflix or whatnot, but they only get a certain amount of money from it and then it's stuck on their video forever. I like the idea of being able to do those paid ads but not have them stuck in there forever.

Below is a list of stuff that Martell TV can do that YouTube can't, or any other major uploading side like Blip/Vimeo e.t.c. As can be seen, it's actually not an uploading site you just embed your video form other sites, so you really have nothing to lose as YouTubers old videos will remain in place on YouTube and will continue to upload to YouTube, just also get added to this more "scheduled release" style.

The interesting thing is that the image on their site shows a mock-up picture of their application running on a Samsung tablet, so this tells me two things. First of all that the people behind this know exactly what they're getting into, an audience that will be watching the majority of their content on hand held devices like tablets, smartphones and so on, and I'm guessing because of those pre-installed ads that you can place, is kinda banking on it a little. In another albeit long shot, maybe they have a deal with Samsung, otherwise, why are they using their logo?

Anyway, feel free to drop a line in the comments below and check out the their full presentation and website at this link here: