Monday, 16 January 2012

Golden Globes 2012

Last night was as second time running host Ricky Gervais put it, "the second most prestigious film award ceremony in the world". He's right, it ain't the Oscars, but the Golden Globes definitely are a lot of fun. Despite being pretty pissed off at them year after year at the Globes, Emmys and Oscars, I love watching these award shows because it shows a part of the year where people get honoured for their work. Some people like George C. Scott don't like the idea of competition in acting, I don't see it as a competition so much as when your peers can honour you for the work you've done this year and if you've done great work like Scott did Patton back in the 70s, then you should surely be honoured.

A lot pleased me about this year's Golden Globes, some truly deserved awards were given out. One mention I'd like to make before I begin is that of Idris Elba winning his Golden Globe for "Luther". I am extremely pleased about this despite only having seen a few episodes of the show. From what I've seen he's an absolutely terrific actor and one of Britain's rising stars in my opinion.

Now, the awards I was very pleased with winning were for starters obviously Elba, who won for Luther. A great performance from a great actor. He was joined by my choice for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series, Mini-Series or Movie by Peter Dinklage for Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones, a show that I personally think is one of the best shows I've ever seen on TV. Peter Dinklage's performance as the manipulative but honourable Tyrion was a personal highlight for me, it was Sean Bean that got me into the show it will be Peter Dinklage that will keep me watching. 

The next award I was very pleased with was Best Director which went to Martin Scoresese for Hugo. An award I thought he thoroughly deserved. Hugo was also my choice for Best Drama but we'll get to that. Scorsese's direction of his first 3D movie really showed how the medium can be used when it's put in the hands of a master. Scorsese knew how 3D works and how to make it work, much like James Cameron did two years ago with Avatar, Scorsese has shown us how 3D can be used for the betterment of film, first off by shooting that medium and secondly by using it's use of depth perception to our advantages. In Avatar it was the sweeping landscapes of Pandora, in Hugo it was recreating scenes like the famous Train and the wonder and amazement that just a little thing like depth can really add to the movie going experience. Hugo however did not win for Best Drama, The Descendants did. I've not seen that film, but I've not heard great things either, I was pretty disappointed. 

The Best Comedy however I was very pleased that The Artist won. A silent film in this day and age. In many ways Hugo and The Artist are very similar films, they both celebrate the magic of cinema, Hugo tells of the wonders of it's advancement and that even with 3D and colours and digital visual effects, Cinema can still wow and amaze us through it's characters and passion for the art. The Artist did the same but without sound, without colour, with effects. It showed the same thing, that without 3D, colours, sounds or effects, a film can still be great and the passion of the art is all that matters. Both are very valid and whilst Hugo will be my choice for Best Picture at the Oscars this year, The Artist is very funny and beautifully made.

The host Ricky Gervais didn't get as much on screen time this year as he did last. He was however still very funny, not quite as funny as last year but still very funny. He was a touch cynical this year it almost seemed but I really enjoyed him hosting and I hope he gets a third year and becomes the Billy Crystal of the Globes.

EDIT: There was one thing I forgot to mention. Morgan Freeman's lifetime award was beautiful and getting Sidney Poitier to hand it out to him was very nice. It was strange because Sidney is lookin' good! He's about fifteen years older than Freeman and Freeman looks way older! Good job! It was also nice to see just how awesome Freeman's career has been, he's been in films with Christopher "Superman" Reeve and Christian "Batman" Bale. Yeah... oh yeah, and he's been Nelson Mandella and well.... God.... yeah he's awesome.