Wednesday, 18 January 2012

SOPA, Stop Online Piracy Act

Today Wikipeida, That Guy With The Glasses and dozens of other sites have gone completely dark to prove a point. SOPA is wrong. The Stop Online Piracy Act currently on the floor of Congress in the United States could potentially damage the internet irrevocably. 

The bill basically says that companies like Sony, FOX, Universal, can claim copyright infringement and not just shut down one video on YouTube or a user's account on facebook, but the whole damn site. It's the equivalent of one soldier performing an illegal act during war time so his whole branch of the military gets put in prison for it. The worst part is that it's giving the Government powers they don't need, the power to simply shut down websites without due process and remove them from search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. 

Hundreds of companies are against this bill, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, even Barack Obama and his White House Press have made a public statement that they do not endorse the bill with Vice President Joe Biden making a video for YouTube explaining how damaging this was a while back.

The internet is the fastest growing sector of the economy in the world. In a recession, can we really afford something like this... no? But it's not only that, it's immoral, it's wrong... and hell, even Rep. Lamar Smith who created the bill has actually violated it. Don't believe me? Click this picture here on the right and see...

What can YOU do to support the Anti-SOPA, Anti-PIPA campaign? Simple, here is a website that will tell you everything you need to know: draw awareness through twitter and facebook by using a twibbon, a banner th at will go over your profile picture to raise awareness. Click that here.

Still not convinced? Then watch this video. 

Thanks for listening, and remember, we have to fight to protect the internet. Piracy may be wrong, I don't agree with piracy, but neither do I agree on making the internet a place where information can be stripped down by those in power. People who are given power are shown time and again that they will abuse it, not everyone will, there are some good people out there, but there only has to be one or two assholes, which we all know exist to ruin it for everyone. Right now SOPA and PIPA are too vague in their wording. Help us fight for a free and better internet today.