Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME - Behind the Scenes - EPISODE 7 / 8

Behind the Scenes from Episodes 7 and 8 - We just have fun on set!
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MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME is a live-action online series created by Leon Films. It is set inside the world of video games. A series by gamers for gamers.

This story arc of this video game web series is inspired by the kung fu adventures of Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight video games with a little bit of Street Fighter influence. Real life video games abound in this epic web series. These are some of the best retro arcade games from the 80s. All your favourite video games are here in real life. If you like AVGN, Smosh or just love gaming in general, you'll love our video game web series Hope you enjoy it!


Petros L. Ioannou as DON DEWITT
http://www.twitter.com/PetrosOfSparta (@petrosofsparta)

Jennifer Polansky as KERA ALTHORN
http://www.twitter.com/JenniferMya (@jennifermya)

Brent Black as MENU
http://www.twitter.com/brentalfloss (@brentalfloss)