Saturday, 24 May 2014

Solar Roadways: The Awesome Future of Energy

Solar Roadways; what are they. They're a technology that could literally solve a billion issues of our current world.

They are a type of extra-durable solar panel that could replace all our highways/motorways and regular roads the world over. This revolutionary technology generates energy through solar power, it is clean, it is highly efficient and actually has a whole host of advantages you wouldn't expect. For example, they have embedded LED lights and are pressure sensitive so at night they're basically a giant Time-Square billboard being able to tell you what's going on like Slow Down, or Children Crossing. They can be adapted to create paths when theres works going on or in a parking lot where they want to add disabled spots. This is a huge deal peope but you don't have to take my word for it. Go check it out right here at this video and after that, come back here and read the rest.

Have you seen this video? GOOD. Just look at the change it could make to our lives, how much it can advance them. Solar Roadways are a technology that could do so much for our lives from their efficiency to the fact at they just look damned cool.

This is incredible people, Solar Roadways could change the world we live in, new jobs, more energy, clean energy at that, solar energy has this problem of well, space, we either need to take up huge fields or slap them on our roofs, which really is not doing anyone any favours. But our roads are just sitting there, doing nothing but being driven on and they're constantly changing or expanding, with the problem of that being that they need extensive work to change a feature, even creating a new crosswalk takes days, now it's a simple bit of code and some light-changes. Our streets would be safer, our roads will be safer to drive on. 

The technology of the road hasn't dramatically changed since Roman Times with the exception that since the invention of the car, we've struggled to pay for these machines that make our lives easier but at the same time, a living hell. Now we can make everything more efficient and an efficient road system means a much more efficient world. This isn't going to change our lives for the better, this will save a ton of money, reduce our energy dependence and as we make our cars more and more reliant on other means of energy we can make this the next step in our infrastructure, changing the world forever. Playgrounds, Homes, Schools, Roads, Cities, Offices, the world will never be the same again, but it won't be a world we are afraid of just one that is easier to live in and better to live in. Not to mention Solar Roadways are going to make the world look like we live in the future. I think this technology is AWESOME. So go check it out and please help make Solar Roadways a possibility for the future. Solar Roadways are the technology of the future, the future is bright and the path to them is on and lit up by it's lit up by Solar Roadways. 

Go watch the video, click on the links and leave a comment below telling me what you think. Go out there and make a difference.

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